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"King of the Herbs"

'Basil Me' Lemonade is a beverage that serves as an alternative to sugar-rich drinks. Its natural ingredients, high nutritional value and refreshing taste, provide a delicious choice to quenching thirst and fulfilling your taste buds.


Why Basil?

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"I had to undergo a major surgery on my leg two years ago. Since the surgery I've been experiencing consistent pain due to the rod placed in my leg, and prescribed painkillers to help with the discomfort. I've never been a big fan of medicine, so after learning basil can help with inflammation, I gave it a try. The taste was amazing, but more importantly I felt some relief from the pain I had been experiencing since the surgery."

Tari L.

"Rheumatoid arthritis is something that I never would have imagined being diagnosed with. My knee was constantly in pain, and the anti-inflammatory pills I was prescribed by my doctor seemed to be giving me additional side effects I didn't like. I began drinking 'Basil Me' Lemonades over the course of the next few weeks, and began to realize that the daily pain had not only subsided, but my knee was not swelling overnight, resulting in making it easier to get out of the bed in the mornings. I recommend this product to any individual young or old."

Doug W.

"An ounce of 'Basil Me' upon wakening and an ounce before bed has helped diminish my nausea and completely regulated my digestion. Excellent product."

Martha H.

"As an adult I have been experiencing what I was told by medical professionals is a "dry cough". It has been going on for years, especially after moving south to Georgia, occurring in the middle of the night mainly as I'm trying to sleep. Every time I think I have something to help to minimize it, it only works for a short period of time. I was introduced to 'Basil Me' while at work one day, heard about the benefits, and decided to give it a try. I had two bottles and have not experienced the dry cough since. I purchase it now regularly because it also has other great benefits!"

S. Ivey

"I'm not a real big "cramper"when my cycle comes, but this time in particular, I decided to try some 'Basil Me' Lemonade after hearing about the anti-spasmodic properties that basil has. I was able to obtain abdominal relief within what felt like minutes!! And this is just consuming one bottle!!"

Lorna K.

"As a bartender I am usually on my feet anywhere from six, to sometimes ten hours per day. My ankles tend to swell at night after those long days, where it's rough to get going the next morning. A couple of swallows of 'Basil Me' before bed, and it's almost like magic! I've never actually drank basil before in my life, but I must say, this is one of my favorite drinks. Not one bit of swelling around my ankles when I get up for work the next day!"

Desiree D.

"I wasn't sure where my daughter was getting this product, but I know for sure, when I drank it, my sciatic nerve, which gives me all type of trouble, wasn't paining the same. The basil drink is something that has helped when nothing else has. I drink it every week."

Sharon N.

"This is a great product, even for kids. I gave my son a shot every morning before school, and although he loves the taste, I know what basil does for his immune system. My 2-yr old daughter is teething, and I've given it to her for her diarrhea. And I myself have lupus, and it helps when my joints get achy. The blueberry is our favorite."

Anne C.

Living with Chron's disease has not been an easy thing to do. Every time I would consume any type of solid and/or liquid, I find myself in the bathroom within the next 10 to 15 minutes. I drank a 'Basil Me' Lemonade one day while out with a friend, and to be honest, I expected to be headed to the restroom shortly after. I was shocked to see that I did not, a good indication of what consuming natural products can do for the body. In my specific case, the lemonade helped to cool my enflamed intestinal walls, retaining nutrients from my food during my next meal. Uber important."

Temple G.